The First Impression: Expect the Unexpected

Isn’t it amazing that the meeting we have the most often is the one that we are least prepared for? We dress up in our best and spend hours preaching to the couch in hopes of nailing that “really big” meeting. But when it comes down to that little meeting of the first impression, we often find ourselves caught totally unprepared, wishing we just had another shot. It is if we are surprised by the fact that life puts us in contact with a throng of strangers every day. This is no Murphy’s Law chance-happening; this is us simply not being prepared. Continue reading

The Economic Downturn: 15 Questions Trustees Need to Ask

The UK is pretty serious when it comes to its charities. There exists a single governing body, the Charity Commission, that oversees and registers the various nonprofit organizations in Englandand Whales. Moreover, its website is first rate and worth checking out. There you can find much useful information about UK-registered charities including trustee and contact information, financial history, charity framework and accounts. Additionally, the site is updated with timely articles that are applicable to the nonprofit sector — even those operating outside the UK. Continue reading