An Employee’s Small Gesture Can Send a Big Message

I experienced this incident first-hand about a month ago. I think it illustrates how even small gestures can have large (and sometimes negative) consequences.

I was interested in registering for two events that were being run by a nonprofit organization.  I checked the website but was only able to find details about one of the events.  I emailed the organization (at the email address provided) to register for the  events and to check if the second event was even taking place:

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Last Week’s Dollar: Why the Big Jump?

In the past I have written about the US dollars tough battle against a downward spiral. In short, the UnitedState’s dollar is fighting an increasingly gargantuan federal deficit and the prospect of continued low interest rates neither of which bode well for the strength of the dollar.

With that said, what happened last week that caused the dollar to soar against the shekel? Friday, October 23rd, saw the dollar close at 3.6972 while a week later on Friday, October 30th, the dollar closed at 3.7545 a jump of 1.5% in only seven days! Continue reading

Rate My Nonprofit! Why Online Surveys Aren’t Worth the Click

The sheer number of sites that allow a reader to rate nonprofits has my mouse trigger happy, my head spinning, and my brain questioning the openness of the internet.

I started this soul searching recently after speaking to a nonprofit founder/CEO about the current (and extended)GreatNonprofits: Jewish Choice Awards 2009 campaign.  After the conversation I was left with questions that have led me to believe that these types on online contests are not the best strategies for spreading the word about great charities nor are these polls a fair judge of the world’s organizations. Allow me to elaborate: Continue reading