Weekly Must-Reads: May 23

A list of great articles from around the web that I posted to Twitter from May 16 – May 22, 2010.  This week’s topics include: Strategy & Governance; US Tax Tidbits; Social Media & Fundraising; Economy & Finance; and Potpourri.

Tizku Lemitzvot,

Shuey (@nonprofitbanker)


Strategy & Governance

Guidestar CEO stresses that good metrics help nonprofits attract (strategic) deep-pocket donors http://ow.ly/1LFba #philanthropy


US Tax Tidbits

RT @NAFund & @aznonprofits: 6 Important Facts about Tax-Exempt Organizations http://bit.ly/9n8Qcz // The ABCs of donating money to US NPOs

New online tax form for small US charities: Good. IRS deadline-extension of new form: Bad. http://ow.ly/1ODte via @philanthropy


Social Media & Fundraising

6 Ways Board Members can fundraise w/out having them solicit peers, by @GailPerrync http://ow.ly/1LDdY via @npmaven @PamelaGrow

Engaging consumers about their social/environmental concerns? 75% believe you should (by @andrealearnedhttp://ow.ly/1NQkP via @elainecohen

Real-Life stories from nonprofits on incorporating social media into marketing strategy http://ow.ly/1OAyg via @nptechblogs @reedstockman

The mantra for all who work with social media >> The Cornerstone of Social Media Strategy is Clarity, by @askdebra http://ow.ly/1OD3d

Intro in “What the Hastag,” a wiki hash directory & metric analyzer, by @jewishagency http://bit.ly/bskHmx via @eJPhil


Economy & Finance

Rethinking the metric of a good economy, maybe the G.D.P. isn’t the best judge. On @nytimes http://ow.ly/1LFvj

Haaretz: European crisis could cause #Israel exports to fall by $1 billion http://ow.ly/1LWi7

Haaretz: Why gold is spiking & why it matters to the Bank of #Israel http://ow.ly/1LWoM // Good summary of currency fluctuations & inflation



ATM-style vending machine that dispenses GOLD! http://ow.ly/1LSTh Not to be confused with ATM-style vending machine that dispenses French Fries http://ow.ly/1LSXX

Who says Britons don’t have a sense of humor? >> RT @johnhaydon: Man loses licence after drunk driving in toy Barbie car http://ow.ly/1NQxP

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