The Weekly Balance Sheet: June 21

A list of the great articles from around the web that I’ve read from June 14 – June 20, 2010.  This week’s categories include: Governance & Strategy; Social Media, Internet & Fundraising; Jewish/Israel (Nonprofit) News; and Economics & Finance.

I’m still tinkering with the format. Your comments are always appreciated. Enjoy.

Tizku Lemitzvot,


Governance & Strategy

“BP Oil Spill: A Cautionary Tale on Blurring of Sector Boundaries?”
Phil Buchanan
Site: The Center for Effective Philanthropy
Via: The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Synopsis: Is corporate philanthropy stripping nonprofits of their independence?


  • “Cause Marketing 2.0 – Where Do We Go From Here?” Future of cause marketing: Dig Deeper so as to enage customers, forcing them to think. Link: (via @askdebra)

Social Media, Internet & Fundraising

“Facebook ‘Like’ Increases Referral Traffic to Blogs by 50% [REPORT]”
Via: Paul Dunay (@PaulDunay)


  • “The Social Web is Here!” Nice slide show by Frank Barry with examples of three examples of social media strategies of nonprofits. Link: (via @AlisonRapping @askdebra)
  • “The New Jew: Microblog– An Experiment in Social Media” by Maya Norton. One blogger experiments with the relationship between a blog & Facebook — can the two coexist? Link:
  • “Have You Seen LinkedIn’s New Look?” by Debra Askanase. Big changes in LinkedIn groups. The site gets a ‘social’ face-lift, answers get rated, & more. Link:
  • “11 Things to Avoid When Using Twitter” by Hillel Fuld. The article was written a year ago and it’s amazing how the list still holds true. Link:

Jewish/Israel (Nonprofit) News

“Israelis Don’t Donate, Says Study”
Lior Dattel
Synopsis: Researchers claim that Israeli Gov’t tax policy doesn’t encourage altruism from private individuals or the corporate sector.


Economics & Finance

“The Next Man On The Moon Won’t Be An American”
Doron Tsur
Synopsis: Historical advantages of West – tech & military superiority – have disappeared. It’s time to adjust!


  • “ANALYSIS – Swiss Banks Win Rich Clients Fleeing Euro Crisis” Security, not secrecy, important when choosing a bank. Declared money is pouring into Switzerland. Link:
  • “France and Spain Act to Rein In Budgets” European countries under pressure from leaders & markets, take steps to reing in their budgets. Link:

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