The Weekly Balance Sheet: July 19

A list of the great articles I’ve read and tweeted from July 12 -18, 2010. This week’s categories include: Governance & Strategy; Marketing & Fundraising; Social Media; and Jewish/Israel (Nonprofit) News.

Tizku Lemitzvot,


Governance & Strategy

“Shifting Paradigms”
Author: Bob Goldfarb
Site: eJewish Philanthropy
Via: Joel Katz (@religion_state)
Comments: Great piece about the difference between donors of this generation and the last generation.


  • “Insight Not Accuracy: Why The New York Times is Important” by Shuey Fogel. US charities operating internationally can gain a lot from a NY Times piece, irregardless if its claims are true. Link:
  • “Microfinance: Is it the Next Bubble?” on Ashoka USA. Are too many microfinance nonprofits over-flooding the market? Link:
  • “Charities Say Staff Shortages Hamper Their Ability to Deliver Services” on Chronicle of Philanthropy. Report finds that layoffs & increased workloads are taking a toll on nonprofits. Link:
  • “The Seven Dangerous Habits of Highly Effective People” Link: (via @LJacobwith)

Marketing & Fundraising

“Zilch: Get What You Want For Nothing”
Author: Nancy Lublin
Site: Fast Company
Via: Eric Halivni (@toldotyisrael)
Comments: What nonprofits can teach for-profits.


  • “6 Guerrilla Marketing Techniques to Promote a Faith-Based Nonprofit” A little application of time, energy and imagination can save a charity much needed funds. Link: (via @joannefritz @guerrillaNPO)
  • “Fund-Raising Videos That Work: a Compelling Story on a Shoestring Budget” Fundraising video on shoestring budget: Organization spends $6k & raises $22k (so far) Link: (via @gailperrynyc)
  • “Are You a Relationship Wrecker” by Jocelyn Harmon. 7 signs you’re alienating potential donors. Link: (via @philanthropy)

Social Media

“Un-Friendly: Teachers Walking Tightrope in Social Media Links with Students”
Author: Douglas Quan
Site: Montreal Gazette
Via: @rabbigreen @dovemerson@DrEliezerJones
Comments: Does your school have social media guidelines for its teachers?


Jewish/Israel (Nonprofit) News

“Half the Truth That’s Fit to Print”
Author: Gerald Steinberg
Site: NGO-Monitor /
Via: Arnie Draimon
Comments: Does foreign funding give an unfair advantage to political NGOs in Israel? Interesting analysis.

“Shifting Paradigms”
Author: Bob Goldfarb Site: eJewish Philanthropy
Comments: Great piece about the difference between donors of this generation and the last generation.

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