The Best Way to Reach Israel’s Registrar of Charities (?)

"Hold All My Calls" by furryscalymanThe phone number is clearly listed on its site, yet no one answers when I call.

It is a complaint I have heard from Israeli nonprofits and one that I recently verified — repeatedly.  So the question remains, how can someone get in touch with Israel’s Registrar of Charities [Rasham Ha’amutot]?

And make no mistake about it, reaching this office is crucial for those looking for general information, to change their by-laws, or simply see if a nonprofit’s file is available at the main office.

I was ecstatic — nearly giddy, even — when a colleague of mine shed some light on this question just today.  Treat the office like you would a lawyer: everything should be given in writing.  The Office, it seems, works best on goood, old fashioned A4 paper.

While faxing is the easiest, it is hard to confirm that the fax has indeed arrived (after all, you have to call).  The other way is to send an email with a scanned letter as an attachment; it serves the same purpose only arriving securely at the near instantaneous speed of modern technology.

However, the truly best way to reach the Registrar, suggests Arnie Draiman, a philanthropic consultant specializing in smaller nonprofits, is to go there in person.  He describes the personnel working there as “nice, courteous, helpful, and efficient. Though it’s still a government office, going there in person is 1,000 times better than calling, faxing or emailing.” I’ve been to the office and agree wholeheartedly with Arnie’s assessment. (So much so that I updated the post with this last paragraph 18 hours after its original upload — thanks Arnie!)

The contact information for the Registrar is:

  • Beit Hate’omim, 15 Kanfei Nesharim St. Jerusalem
  • Phone: 02-654-6600
  • Fax: 02-654-6683
  • Email:

This and other information can be found on the Registrar’s website:

Happy Hunting,


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