3 Dangers that Money-Changers Pose to Charities

"Zimbabwe Cash" by Jared_OakesIn Israel, more than in most countries, foreign currency is an integral part of every facet of the country’s daily economic enterprises – private, business, and public sectors, alike.

A recent released study showed that 53% of financial support to Israeli charities came from abroad. Thus, making foreign exchange exchange fees, rates, and processing times of the utmost importance to Israeli charities.

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The Weekly Balance Sheet: October 17

A list of the great articles that I’ve read and posted to Twitter between October 4 – 17, 2010.  This week’s topics inlcude: Mark Zuckerberg & Philanthropy; Strategy & Governance; Social Media & Internet; Jewish & Israel (Nonprofit News); and Economy & Finance. Continue reading

The Weekly Balance Sheet: October 4

My list of great articles from around the web that I’ve posted to Twitter between September 13 – October 3. This edition’s topics include: Strategy & Governance; Fundraising; Social Media & Internet; Jewish & Israeli (Nonprofit) News; and Economy & Finance. Continue reading