My desire to help stems from the simple belief that people can make a difference.  Although, J.R.R. Tolkien said it better than I ever could, “Even the smallest person in the world can change the course of the universe.” (Lord of the Rings)

After years of working in the nonprofit sectors of the United States, Israel and the Former Soviet Union, I left to start a career in banking services tailored for nonprofits.

Currently, I am Director of Nonprofit Solutions at a bank in Israel that services local and international nonprofit operating in Israel.  As such, I am responsible for developing the products and services that my bank offers its nonprofit clientele, current and potential customers alike.

My goal is to be a portal to the nonprofit sector, where nonprofit organizations can receive holistic solutions that will help them save time and money and, of course, make their banking hassle-free.

I would be happy to correspond on a variety of topics that interest me and the ever-growing (dear I say, maturing) nonprofit sector:

International Philanthropy   •   Governance/Strategy   •   Fundraising

Nonprofit Regulations   •   Trends   •   Social Media

Banking in Israel   •   Operating a Charity [Amutah] in Israel

When not working with, reading about, or writing on the nonprofit sector, I enjoy hanging out with my family — a wonderful wife and three daughters.  What time I have left is reserved for studying guitar. While my dream is to perform in a cover band, my more immediate goal is to be able to tell people that I play the guitar, instead of telling them that I am learning the guitar. Yes, I know, baby steps.

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