Article: Grantmaking in Tough Economy

I came across this article from Guidestar (reprinted from  Actually, the full title is “Stories of Smart (and not-so-smart) Grantmaking in a Tough Economy.”  This article is a great example of short and sweet.  The author, a fundraising consultant with more than 20 years of experience, shares three stories from clients.  The questions in each story are the kind of questions that nonprofits are asking every day; each with a different lesson. Continue reading

The Economic Downturn: 15 Questions Trustees Need to Ask

The UK is pretty serious when it comes to its charities. There exists a single governing body, the Charity Commission, that oversees and registers the various nonprofit organizations in Englandand Whales. Moreover, its website is first rate and worth checking out. There you can find much useful information about UK-registered charities including trustee and contact information, financial history, charity framework and accounts. Additionally, the site is updated with timely articles that are applicable to the nonprofit sector — even those operating outside the UK. Continue reading