Weekly Must-Reads: January 24

A list of the essential articles that I posted to Twitter from January 17, 2010 – January 23, 2010.  This week’s categories: Crisis in Haiti; Nonprofit Governance & Strategy; Internet, Social Media & Fundraising; Israel & Jewish Nonprofits; and Israel Economy & Finance. Continue reading

Dear Mr. Foundation, Please Reject My Application

Four separate times in my life, I have hit the proverbial pavement looking for a job.  I remember very clearly the two types of rejection that I received:

  1. The “Outright” No – Painful and deflating but leaving no doubts. I moved on, hoping the future had something better in store.
  2. The “We Were Very Impressed but Need Time to Decide How Best to Employ You” No – Slow and dragged out.  A lot of positive energy and upbeat words professed.  Encouraged, I even stopped looking at other prospects. Yet, despite all the enthusiasm, in the end no position was offered or available.

Give me the “Outright No” any day of the week and twice in a recession; you win some, you lose some.  The second, drawn-out no, is still a no, but wasted my time and got my hopes up over nothing.  Why not tell me no from the beginning instead of playing achy-breaky games with my heart?

Unfortunately, nonprofit organizations are being subjected to this same treatment, even more so now after the recession and the Madoff scandal. Continue reading

The First Impression: Expect the Unexpected

Isn’t it amazing that the meeting we have the most often is the one that we are least prepared for? We dress up in our best and spend hours preaching to the couch in hopes of nailing that “really big” meeting. But when it comes down to that little meeting of the first impression, we often find ourselves caught totally unprepared, wishing we just had another shot. It is if we are surprised by the fact that life puts us in contact with a throng of strangers every day. This is no Murphy’s Law chance-happening; this is us simply not being prepared. Continue reading